5 TED Talks To Improve Your Life Right Now

1.Naval Adam. William H. McRaven //
This is for everyone. Not a speech spoken at TED, but just as deserving because of the many, many messages this man gives, when you really listen to it, are incredible. Now, I just need to get better at making my bed consistently every day…

2.How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over // Mel Robbins:
This is one of the first I listened to, and still listen to today when I need a bit of a kick. It starts off a bit slow (until after 10 minutes), but Mel Robbins is an amazing lady who also created the, ‘ 5-second rule,’ which is really quite an amazing thing to incorporate into your life

3.The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans // Daniel Amen:
NEUROPLASTICITY! Literally my ‘hot’ topic right now. Basically the ability of your brain to change. Reinforces the power of positive thinking, and believing that you can change anything in your life. Troubled brains usually create troubled outcomes – so the term, ‘people never change,’ is something I am completely against. Because yes, of course people can change, if their brain changes, but only through the right treatment and the willingness to do so.

4. Draw Your Future // Patti Dobrowolski:
Yes, yes, yes!! Basically the law of attraction and drawing out your goals. We are visual creatures, who if we don’t see something – we tend to forget it. Have you seen the movie ‘Focus’? Where Will Smith puts into the mind of that guy the number of the player he will pick? Same thing! The more we see something, even without necessarily being consciously aware that we are seeing it, it will remain in our subconscious and we will act on it. We need a constant reminder of what we want to achieve, and how we want our life to be. So first step; DRAW THE LIFE YOU WANT.

5. The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck // Sarah Knight:
This is just a big YES! You literally cannot please every all the time. There will ALWAYS be something someone can bring you down about. So I just love this philosophy of having a ‘f**k budget,’ and only dedicating certain ‘f**ks’ to worthwhile things! This is just an easy, good, funny listen that we can all probably find some use for 🙂



Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

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