6 Reasons To Explain Your Unexpected Bloating

What can I do to get rid of my bloating? is the most asked question I get messaged every day. As much as I wish I could answer this question for you, I can’t, because every single person is different, and it has taken me years and years to work out why I get bloated. However, here are a few tips which may be helpful for you to know or implement.

01. Food Intolerances
Clearly, one of the biggest causes of bloating and these days the ‘Low FODMAP,’diet is highly beneficial and known to health practitioners so this could be a potential avenue to look down at. With that said, a lot of people assume they are intolerance to something when they actually were not. For example; it is well known that if you stop eating dairy, after a period of time your body won’t produce the same amount of lactase (the enzyme for lactose digestion,) therefore when you start eating it again, of course, you will have some discomfort, because your body needs to adjust and re-create the enzyme – it doesn’t mean you were intolerant, it just means your body didn’t think you needed it anymore, therefore why waste energy creating an unneeded enzyme? But slowly, the enzyme can build up again (supply and demand!)

02. Hormones
Oh boy, this is definitely a huge factor, and unfortunately a hard to manage one. I’m not a doctor so I can’t go into much detail about how and why these can affect your body. But from personal experience; I have a underachieve thyroid (the gland which controls your metabolism) and basically, before starting medication, my body was taking days and days to digest my food – because all my bodily functions were slowed (or literally stopped.) Of course, I was going to be bloated and uncomfortable, because I had all this undigested food and back up stool in my intestines pushing my abdomen out.

03. Herbal Remedies
One of my ‘must haves,’ for when the bloating hits is a product called ‘Iberogast,’ just bought from the chemist. It is a liquid you put in your water (looks like pee haha) and it helps your intestinal motility and I definitely find it helps with the bloating and discomfort. Other options could be herbal teas, specifically peppermint or liquorice root. As well, of course making sure you are having sufficient amounts of water and rest.


04. Stress
Clearly…this is a huge factor in bloating.

05. What are your parents/family members intolerant/sensitive to?
This isn’t always the case, but there is a lot of hereditary factors around food intolerances/gut issues so it is worth a think about

06. Caffeine
Clearly caffeine speeds up your body, so of course it can speed up your digestive tract (this can be helpful in those suffering IBS-C,) however personally, if i have caffeine at the same time as a meal or consume too much in the day…I am in for a date with the bathroom for sure.

Go to a Medical Professional:
Of course, your bloating could be caused by a more serious condition (rather than just the standard IBS diagnosis), like celiac or chrons therefore it is important to seek help from knowledgable individuals who can refer to you for certain tests for a diagnosis (be persistent though, and get many opinions).

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