21 Life Lessons In 21 Years

  1. People only understand something from their level of perception.
  2. We all gain a certain perception of life experiences at various stages of our life – some of us experience struggle young, some old.
  3. It is better to be alone, that surrounded by toxic acquaintances, friends or family.
  4. Sometimes people can mirror us, and the traits you don’t like about them are usually the ones hidden deep inside yourself that you don’t want to admit.
  5. How you form deep intimate connections with someone usually is based on what kind of attachment you had with your primary caregiver/s when you were young.
  6. It is never too late to change your mind or start something new.
  7. When we experience change, it is normal to want to run back to where you were, it is instinctual because we felt unconsciously¬†“safe.” But safe is just another word for comfortable.
  8. We don’t grow being comfortable, we only grow when we are uncomfortable, which can come across as feeling
  9. We will make every excuse under the sun to avoid feeling uncomfortable.
  10. The ‘knowledge-doing gap’ is a real thing.
  11. Every single thing is ‘easier said than done.’ If it wasn’t easier said than done, we would all be very healthy, very successful people who wouldn’t need any motivation or advice.
  12. A comparison is the quickest way to unphysical self-harm.
  13. You cannot change someone else’s brain pattern. The way they think, the way they act, their decisions, ultimately will always be their choice.
  14. We are all on different timelines. Some start their career young, only to hate it 10 years later. Whilst others start late and love it until the moment they die. This is comparison. Don’t compare your timeline to someone else’s.
  15. There are zero rules to life. From the moment you are alive, until the moment you diet, you can choose whatever you want to do. Just because society shows one direction, doesn’t mean there are rules.
  16. Quote by Christoper McCandless “Happiness is only real when shared.” Human connection is necessary. Everybody needs human connection.
  17. More money isn’t going to buy you more time.
  18. An unhappy childhood doesn’t determine an unhappy adulthood and visa versa. Choose wisely.
  19. Complimenting is still one of the most powerful ways of positive communication. If they look nice, tell them. It is not weird, it just isn’t done enough anymore.
  20. The graveyard is the richest place in the world. Filled with passed up opportunity, unpublished books and great minds unrealised.
  21. Judgment disappears when you actively try and understand a situation. Train your brain to understand, not to judge.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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