10 Things I Learnt When I Moved Across Country Alone

I moved across the country, on my own, when I was 18.

I had no social connections and had visited the city for a total of 5 hours a few years prior. I was always asked why? And I couldn’t come up with any better answer than ‘why not?”

01. You will never be quite ‘ready’ for things. But, when you are living alone, with no direct family or close friends, nothing waits for you to be ‘ready,’ so you just have to do. And then the magic happens.

02. At times, life can feel incredibly lonely. The feeling of regret and ‘shit I think have made a mistake,’ is often frequent. But no, it was not a mistake, it was not a waste of time, and things like these may need a constant reminder.

03. There are no good or bad cities. Just because a city is bigger, doesn’t mean it is better. Anywhere you go is what you make of it. You realise this when you experience it, not by something just telling you.

04. Trying to find friends as an adult in a new city is very hard. It’s okay, a few close ones are enough.

05. Its probably normal (and to be expected) that you will feel uncomfortable in your new city. It’s normal to feel like wanting to run back into your safe haven. Stick with it.

06. You will probably start blaming petty things in the disguise of how uncomfortable you feel if things aren’t going to plan right away.

07. Sometimes housemates just don’t work out. Get out if it turns toxic.

08. Groceries are expensive. Thank your parents for how much you didn’t have to think about this before.

09. When you are sick, there is no one to comfort you. That kinda sucks.

10. Dealing with utility companies is quite possibly the worst thing in the world.

I think everyone should always continue to challenge themselves in life. Being comfortable is easy, being in familiar environments is easy, but self-growth never comes from living in easy.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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