How To Let Go Of Things Not Serving You

Sometimes things come into our lives with what we think is purpose, and the meaning it carries with us can serve us for a long time. But, sometimes that meaning starts to fade in us, and something that once lit us up, now requires effort and strain to maintain. This is when you need to let it go.

If becomes difficult when this is something like a business, relationship or long-standing goal. But these are often the most important times, to actively work on letting it go. When you have invested so much into something, whether emotionally, or financially, it is frightening to throw this away.

But sometimes that is the healthiest thing to do. And exactly what you need to progress your life, and your happiness forward.

I recently let go of a 4 year business investment, that took space out of my life every day, and something I spent every pay check on developing. In a business sense, performance didn’t drop – but the meaning it was giving me became non-existent. I use to wake up passionate and devoted to this project, and one day it vanished.

Since letting it go, I have embarked on new creative endeavours. For me, finding meaning in everything I do is my driver. And when that doesn’t exist, it is nearly impossible for me to push through it – despite potential financial gain.

I feel the biggest advice is to release slow. Step away from what it is for a while, but keep it close enough so internally you remember you can always go back. The further you step away, you will probably want to bounce back once or twice, but over time you will realise, truly, whether you want to finally let this thing go.

Start occupying yourself with new things. Try things you have never done before, speak to new people, plan new adventures.

Realise that somethings our past doesn’t belong in our future. Some of the people we meet come in for a purpose, and when we have learnt the lesson, it is time to let go. If you are constantly changing, you are evolving and with that comes the realisation of the things you want in life. Some things, and people can’t provide that anymore. Remeber, that is okay.

Somethings are purposely only supposed to be temporary. That doesn’t mean you have failed. It just means you have realised that what it is that is not serving you, and you need to let go in order to grow.


Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash

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